Press Clipping
Badi Assad's Hatched is something organic

Badi Assad is the Brazilian guitarist. As a student she excelled in classical guitar before heading to equal success in jazz and worldbeat music. Her latest recording is called Hatched, a title she came up with to recognize that many of the songs she interprets are sourced from rising musicians, among them Skrillex, Mumford and Sons, Lorde, and Hozier, songs, she says, which touched her with their depth and possibilities. Assad herself has thus far enjoyed a twenty year career of world touring, top charting albums in more than a dozen countries, and projects including composing, acting, and collaborating with artists including her older brothers, who perform as the acclaimed classical Duo Assad. There are several of her own compositions on Hatched as well, including a collaboration with with her brother Sergio called Spirit Dog and an original love ballad called Vejo voce aqui. You may be taken with the beauty of Assad’s singing and rightly so, but hear her guitar as well. To create the connections that run through her song choices, that is where she began. “I wanted something organic“ she says. “I transcribed all the songs to the guitar and started an arrangement from there.” You don’t have to know the songs she chose — Hozier’s Sedated, Mumford & Sons Little lion man, The Hanging Tree from the Hunger Games soundtrack among them — to appreciate the connection and creativity present. “I don’t make music that’s pure entertainment, that’s a flash in the pan, that doesn’t reflect who I am,” Assad says. “And I’m always open to things that challenge me, that give the world an opportunity to go where I am going.” Follow along and see what you learn.