Press Clipping
Pop Hits Through a Brazilian Filter

Guitarist and vocalist Badi Assad reconfigures pop hits on her album Hatched, transforming well-known songs into Brazilian-infused pieces. She also includes a handful of her own songs. Even though Badi Assad is a world class guitarist, a lot of the focus on Hatched is on her vocal skills.

“These songs surprised me, with their depth, and with the depth of engagement they inspired in young listeners,” says Assad about the project. “There is so much shallow music, it seems sometimes, and life has been made so shallow everywhere. The younger people are encouraged to live on the surface, and no one has time to go any deeper. Yet if our souls are shallow, where will we be? Some of these songs deal with this very question, and it made me see them in a whole new light.”

The arrangements feature vocals, percussion, and accordion. Many of Badi Assad’s new versions sound better than the originals, after she reconfigures them by adding Brazilian beats and other elements to the music.

Badi worked with Brazilian musician and producer Ruriá Duprat on Hatched. Duprat is best known as one of the members of legendary Brazilian progressive rock band O Terço, as well as his award-winning jazz productions and film scores. Meanwhile, percussionist Simone Sou infused the music with Afro-Brazilian rhythms.

Badi Assad attracts the listeners with her vocal abilities and guitar style. Hatched is a genuinely expressive and fresh album.